Roxanne L. Scott

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Worlds Collide

I'm going to change this to characters from books to television. And to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I wonder what it would've been like for Will to meet Theo from The Cosby Show. I can see them riding the New York City subway and getting into trouble in the big city. Heading over to the village and peeking in all the record and smoke shops that used to be there. Maybe Will would even try stand up at one of the comedy open mics by West 4th Street. I see Theo taking Will around the NYU campus and Will going girl crazy over every woman he saw. Maybe they'd head to Harlem and Will would totally be enamored with basketball at Rucker Park.  I can even see Claire Huxtable cursing both of them out after a late night out and Cliff Huxtable just sitting there and facepalming.  Will and Theo would be a mischievous pair.