Roxanne L. Scott

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From the Top

I'm conflicted by this prompt because opting for a fresh start makes me admit that I could've done better in life. But I would choose to be reborn. I wouldn't change my parents, or background, or where I grew up. But I would change what I was exposed to. My childhood consisted of typical piano lessons. Through public school I also learned how to play the saxophone and clarinet. But now I'm often jealous of kids who ice skate, play soccer and tennis and take debate and language lessons. Those kids who have their after-school activities filled up. I think being in all of these kinds of groups would have allowed me more choices to know what wanted to be when I grew up.  So pretty much I'd start over and ask for more exposure to the world. More sports. More music. More career days. I'm glad I found my career now, but maybe it wouldn't have taken so long.