Roxanne L. Scott

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How Kool & The Gang Rolled on My Birthdate

 What was the #1 song when you were born? (not sure? you can find out here.) Write about how the song relates (or not!) to your personality.

So, Celebration by Kool & The Gang was the number one dance track on the day I was born. What a fitting time for my parents. I wondered if they even noticed?

I just love how the song starts with saxaphones and trumpets. A song has got to be fun with saxophones and trumpets. And the first word they say is Yahoo.

Yahoo! This is your celebration
Yahoo! This is your celebration

Yep. Instantaneous revelry. 

On a surface level, all those instruments in the song relate to me because I've played a bunch as a kid. I played the piano, clarinet and saxophone. And even though my musical phase stopped in my early teens, I've always carried with me the importance of art and culture in the world. In fact, some of my favorite types of stories to produce as a journalist are stories that seem like they're about a topic such as travel or fashion. But tricking people into seeing it's really a story about discrimination, imperialism, globalization or climate change.

I imagine this song is the same way. Sure, it's about having a good time. But I like to imagine it to be about all different kinds of people coming together in harmony. And screaming Yahoo.